Droe Grond (Droi (droe as in droid) Grond (Grond as in fond)

An endless desert, Droe Grond lacks much water to sustain the type of creatures we have on our world, yet the dominant races here, like the sandstalkers, require very little water at all. The only scenery that is on this barren world is an endless desert, very few living things in sight. However, high in the sky a constellation like the mage is always there, blessing anyone born under that hot sun with mana. However, deep down below this world it is mostly liquid, and the creatures on it use mana to bring out the drops of water needed to survive. Five moons which go by the names Klatu, Clotho, Klitha, Kanthra and Kortha, named by the sandstalkers after their ancestors who were the first tribe leaders, hover over the sky, and the were-disease is a much greater threat here, though only for the Dikhuidige, who may morph into savage sandstalker-like beasts whenever one of the moons are full. This brings great drops within the farmer's flock, and on the once a year occasion when all five moons appear in the sky at once, most of the tribe will be watching the flocks. Also, a solar eclipse is common here, so the were-beast can spring even in the day. Despite the sandstalkers treating Dikhuidige as holy animals, they will kill any of their flock infected with the were-disease.


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