High Elves are the dwellers upon Mak'nathok, an island that is named as High Home in elvish, out in the Sharpfin Sea. They are, of all the elves, the least agile, but the most magically talented. They also have yellow skin and are six feet tall normally. Mak'nathok consists of huge soaring cliffs at the edges of an island rising fifty feet at its natural summit from sea level, brought up to ninety if the great castles and towers were included. Streams and rivers of freshwater run from the sea, filtered by elven spellcasters before it may be pumped by an engineering system into the drinking fountains. The island is at least eight miles wide, and is hollowed out making an underground barracks where the spellcasters are trained, twenty feet under the surface, each room connected by tunnels, also their temple to Gwai, linked to the surface temple by a tunnel. The high elves call themselves Mak'fin, roughly translating as high elf.


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