The desert-dwelling peoples of Droe Grond, they are humanoid but appear like large cats, standing upright with tiger-like stripes. They frequent the deserts there in clans, wearing robes most of the time, and hunting down the many beasts that live there for food. They require little water to survive, and are faster than humans, easily matching pace with the largest felines upon our world. They farm Dikhuidige for meat, fur and tusks, and draw their water from underground using spells. They live in simple tents held up by Dikhuidige bone and sheltered by Dikhuidige fur. They are sophisticated, even developing a writing system, but their only ink is Dhikuidige blood. The animals die peacefully however, as to the Sandstalkers Dhikuidige are holy creatures, and are given water before the Sandstalkers, fed with Cacti, and worshipped. Though the tusks are cut off repeatedly throughout their lives and during the hot summers their coats are shaved, both grow back by winter. Sandstalkers can also eat cacti, though a large part of their diet consists of Dikhuidige who have died of old age. Their weapons are made from Dikhuidige tusks and bones, and the animals are used as their steeds in combat. There are five main tribes however, each bearing the name of one of the five moons upon Droe Grond. Sandstalkers call themselves It'achi, more of a name like the word human than a meaning.


No other variety



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