These peoples live in many seas although always at the very bottom, existing entirely on a diet of fish and seaweed. They can breathe underwater and have the appearance of a humanoid shark, but for the fin on the top of their heads. They can swim at a huge pace, with webbed hands and legs, though they can still grip a spear, but they cannot use, say, a sword with their limbs. Their only city in the world of life is called Bei'nathok, meaning deep home. No one knows where this is, as the sharkmen are some of the most secretive races there ever were, and would not reveal this information, but we know it is at least ten miles below the Sharpfin Sea. It is directly linked to the world of water by a portal, where they are one of the dominant races. They use the same language as elves. Their limbs are webbed, but allow just enough spread movement for them to wield spears, although some of them can use crossbows, a popular weapon down there as they make theirs with an unknown material to humans that allows the string to be stretched to great amounts, and the wood is made from some deep growing plant so thick it is the equivalent of a large oak tree on land, and sturdy at the same time, so they usually due to the pressure use crossbows the length of their arms. The darts are usually for soldiers tipped with poison from the puffer fish, the dart hollowed out completely in the centre, and filled with it, enough to kill a giant. Yet the darts are also heavy, meaning that they are not broken apart the moment they hit something, and the tip is like a needle, a very fragile one, that is broken when cracking through scales or, in the case of the unfortunate soldiers who had tried to attack, bone, snapping it and making a wound behind through which the poison flows in. Also there are regular blunt darts and knockout poison darts. The front lines of their military consist of the crossbowmen, who fire in a large volley their darts then swim upwards to reload allowing the swordsmen to charge in. Thereby, if the swordsman line falls then another volley is ready to fly. On the sides of the swordsman line are pockets of spearmen. When the swordsmen collide with the enemy the spearmen would swim to the side then stab their foes from behind. But while they are immortal underwater on land the tables are turned. They can only survive about thirty minutes without access to water, and thereby a long battle is not what you will find them in on land. Also, their webbed limbs make ground movement a clumsy affair, and their slippery scales can mean that they spend more time falling than fighting. Also, dehydration is a constant worry for them. If they stay out of water more than ten minutes their skin will go pale and they will feel weak from lack of water. More than half an hour and as well as needing oxygen from water they also dry up. Plus they are unused to the lack of three-sixty movement, saying that they may forget that they are on land mid combat and try to swim upwards, simply jumping and crashing back into the dirt, and they are unused to the lack of pressure, also stating that they always expect a weight on their shoulders and if there is none it will distort them, giving a land creature just the opening he needs.


No other breeds



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