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Welcome to the Spirit Cycle wiki, a wiki which anyone can contribute to!

This wiki is about the book series to be published in ten or so years, the spirit cycle. The reason the wiki is being made now is so that the lore of this fantasy book series can be recorded and to save time and effort doing it later.

The books take place over many dimensions, with rich mythologies, several of them ruled by gods. The demon god Mortal works through his agent, Fen'harel, lord of death, who has taken posession of a mage called Avaelor, seeking to free himself from the prison they turned his world into. Each of the eight gods commands an element, and their dimensions are known as 'worlds', such as the World of Life, World of Water, and so on. Yet there are other worlds, named by the mages who first went there, such as the endless desert that is Droe Grond.

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    New page: Magic is a strange substance, in its natural state simple electricity that never goes out, vibrating on a frequency which cannot be touched. A mage...
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    New page: The name in the language of the sandstalkers means cattle, yet they resemble elephants, although at full maturity they are only up to a human's...
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    New page: Add a photo The desert-dwelling peoples of Droe Grond, they are humanoid but appear like large cats, standing upright with tiger-like stripes. They...
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    New page: Add a photo Droe Grond (Droi (droe as in droid) Grond (Grond as in fond) An endless desert, Droe Grond lacks much water to sustain the type of...
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    New page: Add a photo&nbsp Dark Elf This SubElf species has pitch black skin and they are the most agile elves of all, yet they lack many magical abilities.
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